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The Overtones’ Mummies were the guests of honour at the penultimate gig of this tour, performing in front of a ‘home crowd’ at the IndigO2 in London last Friday night.

Prior to ‘Moon River’, Lachie told the audience it was the first time his mum had seen him at an Overtones concert, and last night his performance of the song seemed even more beautiful and emotional than ever before.

As has been the case for the entire tour, the venue was packed, with everyone on their feet from the drop of the front cloth to the final beat of the drum. There seems no doubt that the OT Mummies, be they seeing their offspring for the first or the umpteenth time in concert, were the proudest women in the room last night. I saw Mummy Chapman,  looking  the epitome of proud Motherhood, surrounded by friends congratulating her at the end of the show…that huge smile has certainly been inherited by her boy!

This tour has notched up the showmanship a little further, with the ‘Saturday Night At The Movies” theme apparent in the set, the costumes and the brilliant James Bond reference in this year’s version of ‘Gambling Man’.  And there were the two film-reel-style drop banners with “The Overtones” etched in silver, rouched red backdrops and directors’ chairs tall enough for Darren to need a bunk up from Mike to make it into the seat safely.


The mix of tune from the first, second and third albums worked wonderfully. I was never the greatest fan of ‘Higher’, it being too modern for my matronly ear, but the inclusion of songs from it worked. ‘Loving The Sound’ is my new jam. However, the sheer joy of hearing ‘Sh-Boom’ and ‘The Longest Time’ from Good Ol’ Fashioned Love again was glorious!

Of course, the songs from the new album were fresh to the ear, no matter how often you’ve played the album at home. It was up and dancing from start to finish, with some cracking choreography throughout. ‘Superstar’, due to be released as a single later this month, went down well with the crowd. ‘Bare Necessities” and ‘Who Put The Bomp? had the whole audience, including West End star and Radio 2 presenter Michael Ball, bopping up and down in unison. And all this exercise left the OTs out of breath and perspiring enough to guarantee a glimpse of Mike’s nipples through the half ironed white shirt in the jacket change…


It’s three years this week since I first saw The Overtones, live at the Jazz Cafe. Then, they were on a low stage, with two hundred in the audience. Last night they were on a proper stage with two thousand in the audience. But the basic attraction of five handsome, humorous, hard-working men performing together, be it to two hundred or two thousand will never wane. And I don’t know how the boys do it, but everyone in that audience came away knowing they got a smile or a wink or a wave from their favourite OT.

The OT Mummies should be very, very proud of themselves.

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  • I have been to all 3 tours so far and wonder what fans would think of an official dvd of a full show ? I think it would be a must for all fans and would keep the vision until the next tour for everyone.

    • I too have been to all there concerts and seen them at different venues, and would love them to do a dvd of the show it would just be fantastic to watch it over and over again and im sure must fans would agree.

    • Carl, we have asked over and over for a DVD of a whole show. I’m not sure if Warner Music think they would lose out on sales of the boy’s CD, or what, but I for one would certainly buy both.
      My hopes were raised when in Birmingham there was a chap following them everywhere with a camera on a stick mount, and I asked then if it was for a DVD, but I was told no, it was for something else.
      Maybe if all the fans would email in to Warner’s Music, London, and ask, nay, DEMAND, a disc, then maybe, just maybe, they would listen to their public…?

  • Hi Carl.
    We couldn’t agree more! It would be wonderful to have a tour DVD

  • I loved every minute of my first Overtones shoe.Fabulous. I see the Balii I gave Lachie has got into a pic. He sings the song to!
    Thank you guys for great night which my mum and I enjoyed so much. Your hard work and live for yout fans shows.
    Your mums would be VERY proud watching.

  • Great article as ever :) Cant believe its 3 years since Jazz Cafe – I think that will remain my favourite gig!

  • I would definitely buy a tour dvd, those guys are soooo amazing!!!!!

  • Agree re DVD – even if it was just a dvd of all the official videos of all the released tracks it would be better than nothing and save me watching them on Youtube so much !

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